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CRREW's COVID-19 Response

CRREW is offering virtual and phone sessions to small groups. 

Some of our offerings include: instruction in self-acupressure, breath work and imagery, chair yoga, Reiki  and short cooking lessons! We are offering our sessions to frontline workers, community groups volunteering for food distribution, community-based groups and individuals who are without work or very low income. Other people may receive our services too - we ask for a donation if you are currently employed with a bit to spare. Please contact us if you are interested in our virtual services or are interested in volunteering at this time. 

 E mail: [email protected]

June 25th 12-3PM CRREW with Loisaida Wellness: Ear seeds, acupuncture, and peace in a garden! location to be announced.

June18th, 2020: Grab -n- Go Ear Seeds

CRREW (Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education & Wellness) - the grassroots volunteer-based group founded in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, is offering ear seed acupressure, self-acupressure and herbal tea outside of the Grace Art Space on 182 Ave C between E. 11th and E. 12th St on Thursday June 18th from 5-8PM and on Thursday June 25th 5-8PM. In case it is raining please be in touch for an alternate date.

We hope to hear from people stopping by what their self-care tools are. We think that the ear seeds may help people feel calm and also relieve specific pain. We hope that this little treatment may help people protesting by boosting their energy and building stamina.

We ask that all people stopping by wear a mask.

Please write to us with any questions and please share this information. If you are interested in an ear seed acupressure training at a later date, please let us know. We have taught adults and children in this simple application. (the ear seeds are seeds on a small piece of adhesive tape, placed at specific acupressure points of the ear and may remain on for several days).

Special treats:

Acupressure wih Dr. Erin Hurme 

East Village Wellness Circle 

in person and via Zoom

Topic: MoS Collective Plant Gift-Away & Planting Ceremony and partners including EVWC and CRREW

Time: Jun 7, 2020

Plant Gift-Away & Planting Ceremony

Sunday 6/7

5pm-7pm Plant Gift-Away

7pm-7:30 Ceremony

Haven Plaza: outside of 182 Ave C NY NY 10009 between 11 & 12th & Loisaida Ave.

5pm -7pm

Pick up your free gift seedling from DD at Grace Exhibition Space. All Spring through the big windows the grocery store line has been watching the seeds grow. The soil and pots from Campos garden. The basil seeds are organic non GMO from Campos. DD’s kale and tomato seeds are from seed swaps—from seed saving gardeners! Heirloom, organic, saved from their gardens to yours. Compost soil is from LES Ecology Center, plus potting soil from Sarah and Sue new EV Wellness friends. Sue brought me her Elderberry syrup. She’s also making her own algae. Wow.

Plant Give Away!

Campos Community Garden, Loisaida Arts & MoS Collective will have lots of plants and seedlings to give away Sunday 5-7pm. Two hours! Come and get them.

We’ve been busy during lockdown growing from seed with masks on and no more than three ppl in the garden at once. DD has been solo inside growing at Grace Exhibition Space. Alex, JK, Sonia and more are tending to their soil and seedlings.

A Seedling. A free gift

A Bokashi Mud Ball. A free gift

Pick up a free Bokashi Mud Ball. They are super soil fertilizers or river cleaners. Take one as gift from Dee Dee, Sonia, Rachel, Lily, Wendy B, JK and Harry. They can be crumbled and dispersed through out your garden or crumble a bit off and save the rest. Don’t put it directly in roots or seedlings. It’s concentrated. Throw it also in a the river with toxic sediment or algae blooms. If you throw it with a healing intention or prayer into the river it will sink to the bottom to restore the sediment. To make a measurable difference we’d need a million. Let’s go.

Right now maybe let’s grow high yield veggies and clean up the lead & arsenic in the tree bed soil around us. Plant or crumble the ball in the tree pits.

Thanks to Shig at Children’s Garden for 10 years our teacher,  for the EM-1 for the 10gal of Molasses. LES Ecology Center for compost. 🥰

Planting Ceremony 7:06pm

After Gratitude Clapping.

Please join us for this culmination of sprouting season and reconnecting. Gratitude for each other. We did this challenge together. We want to take a community exhale (6 ft away😁) together. We are all grateful for each other and will miss greatly The New York City loved ones we’ve lost so far.. with a commemorative planting.

We will plant a mini raised veggie garden plus a beautiful guild with a flowering tree and perennial medicine. Donations from Campos Garden.

Community Participation! 7:00, 7:03, 7:06, 7:15, 7:25.

🎤JK has a few words. Then line up and we’ll pass the mic: super short like 15 seconds. Help set up mic. Be the mic person.

💃🏼Ground attendees Spin after banner drop. Wear a big circle skirt for spinning for a treat to our birds-eye viewers.

💫Virtual  audience send gratitude to the dancers spin a colorful kitchen towel or T-shirt like a pinwheel. We want the building to take flight. Flap a wing.

ZOOM Sunday EVWC Planting Ceremony

This is hosted  by the East Village Wellness Circle. A free sharing and giving gathering. We meet once a month at a community garden. In the winter at 182 Ave C. Grace Exhibition Space. We share ideas, recipes, learn, create and share practices with each other.

We look forward to meeting this summer outside in safe social connection.

🦋 EMAIL Wendy Henry: Acupuncturist 🦋

Look at the Facebook messenger thread.

East Village Wellness Circle

Sun June 7, 2020


EVWC had a Home Base during Lockdown at Grace Exhibition Space. I wish we could meet together here.

The banner Jk wrote designed it and dd and she painted it. Not done. Come help tmrw eve outside?

if you’re around Sunday for free plants ask to see the exhibition. Grace has become essentially a private space viewable by the public.

MoS Collective’s instigator DD, Co-founder of EVWC with Wendy Henry, spent April & May at the Grace Exhibition Space showcasing Lifestyles of Bioremediation & Symbiosis. Incubating herself plus the Phyto, Micro Myco Moss, Mollusk and Me bioremediation tools. She brought Ephemeral Piazza characters together and the Plan LES Design Future.

What is all this? Where is it going?

Continue on website:

Share your lockdown story : on the next zoom.

Bokashi Ball Pledge

Sign up to make 100 or 1000 Bokashi mud balls, great home school activity. For small groups of 2 to 10! Click here. Receive a gift upon completion.

Request a Bokashi Mud Ball Kit

Order a Mud Ball Kit! Now available: $80 value for $30 thanks to donations & product sponsors. Order here.

Order a Bokashi Mudball kit.

Pick it up at 182 Ave C.NY NY 10009 • Location of monthly EVWC when we are not at the garden.

Order A La Carte ingredients Available too.

- Activated EM-1: $20 per two liters

- Starter Bokashi Bran: $15 a pound

- Molasses, soil and crates available too as a convenience.

Great Home School Activity. Great for a 10 kids/people party. (If that’s the recommended limit)

The EV Wellness Circle participants would like to put in an order for 12 EMX-Gold or Pro metabolite drink. Anyone interested in putting it on their card? Over $1000. You’ll get the cash back rewards.

Request Lily’s Bokashi Mudball Tutorial!

We have Lily’s, 9, Girl Scouts’ mud ball tutorial to share with you. Contact us with your interest,

EVWC Member Happenings

Alex Weidler at Campos Garden and DD at Grace are growing community food and offering seedlings.

Wendy Henry is leading CRREW Responds wellness for front line workers. CRREW is offering virtual wellness sessions. In addition CRREW is teaching community members ear seeds so that they may treat themselves with the seeds for growth, stability, energy, calmness. Ear Seeds Can be done quickly then back to 6 feet physical distance. Email CRREW about wellness offerings for front line workers: [email protected]

Linda Gnat-Mullin offers group Reiki with CRREW for front line workers Friday 6/5.

JK Canepa is hosting the Sane Energy PipeLine Bike Ride Saturday 6/6 FB invite

Sonia Pena, Master Tailor & Designer, is making Masks. Stop by Grace Exhibition Space, 182 Ave C.

Vala Dawn is teaching yoga from Guatemala now— every day on zoom.

plus more. Join the zoom to learn more. 

Wed., June 3rd, 2020 you are invited to an Imagery session at noon. It is organized by the NYS Nurses Association and open to all and is part of a series to help participants find tools to cope with issues raised by the pandemic.

Wendy Henry of CRREW and on the faculty of the School of Images will be guiding you through several imagery exercises which we hope will give you a sense of strength and empowerment as well as offering a moment of calmness. The exercises are mostly short in length and call upon our wonderful ability to access our imagination to help overcome obstacles and pave the way for a bit of respite.

The Imagery will hopefully serve as a tool for you to access your inner wisdom to help build your strength as we face the long history of injustice and racial violence in this country.

Please follow the registration information below. And if you are interested and cannot make it with such short notice, please write and we can arrange another date with Wendy or another facilitator.

June 25th 12-3PM.  stay tune for location of CRREW with Loisaida Wellness